Testimonial & Reviews


How You Move: Understanding Biomechanics

“THANK YOU! I am loving this series and would love to continue studying with you... Can't tell you how excited I am to have discovered your teaching!”

“Wow your videos are so wonderfully informative that I watch them several times.”

"It is such a pleasure to return to these movements and learn the biomechanics behind them."

AGILE BEAST: Finesse Your Beast Mode

“Sebastian's classes have helped me take my training life to the next level.”

“Sebastian has a way of turning the human body into a jungle gym and makes working out a full-body, innovative and playful activity."

“Agile Beast is awesome! Sebastian combines detailed information with kickass workouts to help you embody it. I found this workshop very helpful as both a dancer and movement coach.”

“I have taken three of Sebastian Grubb’s AGILE BEAST workshops. Responsiveness, Adaptability, Proprioception, Coordination, Energy, Strength… I continue to walk (and crawl, and leap) the beastly path. Thank you, Sebastian!“

BodyWAGGING: Axis Syllabus & Dance


"Sebastian Grubb is one of the most able bodied and able minded dancers I know. His classes are full of relevant instruction and authentic exuberance."

"I really value what you know and how you teach it. I love learning from you, and work to prioritize that learning in my life."

Contemporary Dance: Teaching & Choreography

"Sebastian has not only an amazing physical ability when demonstrating dance moves, but also a poetic sensibility he uses to explain the ideas behind them: the message the choreographer is attempting to express, the place he as a dancer is striving for, the image that comes to mind when thinking about a movement, the importance of specific sounds in the music, and the intended relationships between dancers when partnering."

"As a teacher, Sebastian is kind and generous, always supporting and encouraging the dancers he works with. I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to witness his unique and masterful style."