Movement Research in a Dance Context

Deepen Your Body's Knowledge

BodyWAGGING is my take on what’s important about dance today.

I emphasize connected, dynamic movement phrasing taught in an informative and empowering way. Learn to move fluidly, with vigor and grace. Utilize biomechanics and anatomical understanding to your advantage.

I teach multiple workshops every year, in the U.S. and abroad. I also do private coaching year-round in the SF Bay Area.

For All Movers

I teach anatomy and movement principles to dancers, movers, martial artists, fitness freaks, rock climbers, and everyone else! I dispel myths about "alignment" and make dance and fluid acrobatics accessible to learn.


In 2011 I became certified to teach Axis Syllabus, a knowledge resource for researching and optimizing human movement. I’ve combined this with my 10 years of professional performance experience in contemporary dance, fluid acrobatics, theatre, and contact improv, to create workshops and classes that provide challenges on multiple levels for a diversity of participants.

From a Dance + Health Perspective, I teach:

  • Contemporary Flow
  • Contact Partnering
  • Fitness and Athleticism
  • Anatomy and Biomechanics
  • Choreography



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